Five Things: Retrospective 2

Welcome to my second official Five Things retrospective! This week I worked on this list of Five Things to-do, and I just wanted to tell you all how I fared, and what I learned. // Wonder Five Things 2 Retrospective

#1. Get Dressed

This time around I was planning on making a “capsule wardrobe“: essentially, it’s a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally LOVE to wear (she said). To see it put together (I’m a visual learner too), check out her example – and go ahead, zoom way on in, girl. Upon further research, I was also inspired by a post by a local Austinite about creating a FIFTEEN-piece travel wardrobe – talk about tiny selection! Lesson learned: The curation is must be next-level.

un-fancy blog winter capsule waredrobeAfter spending a lot of painfully logical time getting over the deservingly relentless urge to just go buy every exact piece of Caroline’s wardrobe, I read her terrifyingly simplistic how-to here and even more advice here… I guess it is a minimalist blog, huh. #unfancy

First impression:

Does wearing the same one-of-three sweaters every day like I already do count? Dammit. But it’s a start, and you better bet those are going in The Capsule or I will die.  Que dramatic, impending doom-esque music.

Second more intelligent impressions:

Neutrals on neutrals on neutrals, I am actually in love. Get that single blue dress out of there! Gazing upon her collection with a now non-envious, plotting and scheming mind, I am seeing some major similarities between her genius and my laundry pile. AKA – this is my life. BUT SO MUCH BETTER. Who knew that my penchant desperation for an easy, chic outfit could be outlined + glorified in The Capsule?! (Status check: still in love. big time.)


~ coming soon! ~

#2. Get it together

via Unsplash…because “Being productive is pointless if you’re working on the wrong thing.”

I started using MyWeekPlan app and website (both are crucial) in order to plan out my week (see the first thing in my last Top Shelf article about why I want to this!)… and yes, this app helps you do exactly what you think it would! And does it as well as you do it  – as much as you put into this app it gives back to you. I use it tons more than my standard iPhone Reminders now, and I will.never.go.back. That’s all I have to say.

Download it (iPhone app store link)

 #3. Listen Up

PODCASTSthymeishoneyI’ve wanted to check outThyme and Honey’s favorite podcasts list this week! I thought my favorite would be “Stuff You Should Know” (like x-rays, homeschooling, boomerangs, the ecosystem and other topics ranging from humorous to complex”).  And I was SO not wrong. Once I find a topic I like (check the lefthand menu), the old men hosts’ voices make me feel like my dad is telling me awesome dorky bedtime stories.

Terraforming marsCurrent fav: questioning terraforming mars & the moon

Jess LivelyAdditionally, I’ve been listening to Jess Lively‘s Life with Intention Online miniseries that I mentioned in my first Five Things – I can’t recommend it enough, please go listen if it’s still available. Each section is less than 15m (three sections total), and she really tells it to you straight.

To read what I learned from Jess, read on here.

#4. Design a new DIY

Amber Interior DesignI have been inspired this week by the design principles of Amber Interior Design, especially in this article, 2014 In Review!  I am in love because with her use of mixed textiles and textures, as well as the simple aesthetic in her architectural lines and natural materials.

I thought that my DIY project this week would be making some lumbar pillows for a set of chairs I was going to buy (off craigslist, c’mon people) for each side of my fireplace/bookshelf project last week, BUT, I decided this was the right time for me – and then the imaginary pillows had no home. And never existed.

Instead, I thought of a million more ideas to come (yes, hold me to that million) and started a new DIY section for my blog to keep track of it all.

#5. Get Cookin’ Eating!

The goal was: make Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain (gluten-free, dairy-free) sandwich bread, just because I can. Results: This loaf is so gone that it was barely even here. This was incredible, and got me started on a whIole week of amazing cooking and baking! I can’t wait to share.

To start, here is the bread I made! I followed AAG’s recipe exactly, and made my own cashew butter. It’s a bit of a crumbly loaf as she said, but the flavor and texture of each slice is gawwwww-mazing.  I ate it right out of the oven that night, I ate it cold, and I ate it toasted and with poached eggs the next morning  (pictured!). I love this recipes more each time I make a meal with some of this bread! I’m trying to think of new ways so that I don’t waste this loaf eating pinches each time I pass the fridge. Not that I do that.

AAG bread via Wonder //

I didn’t make the other two recipes I said I would (surely soon), BUT, I made these instead:

The Ultimate Cashew Cheese Recipe (DF)

Browned Butter Mashed Parsnips (via Coffee & Quinoa, yum!)

Mexican Quinoa Salad (I left out the tempah for no reason)

Black Bean + Roasted Sweet Potato Burritos (add onions/no tortilla – add tons of ago and eat with a spoon, or as a chip dip…)

Roasted Cauliflower Lasagna (feel free to use a jarred sauce if it’s quite healthy!)

Fudgy Avocado Brownies yeah… The Iron You^ has great recipes!

Oh, and I made jello too. 

>> check these out on this new page of my favorite recipes! << // Wonder blog recipes

Do you think you’ll try any of these along with me? Let me know if you do!

@sheaesnider IG // @sheaesnider Twitter #wonder5things

With love,



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