Five Things

Welcome to my first Five Things post. I borrow this fun goal-sharing idea from the forever fabulous Glitter Guide, and I hope it bring you, beautiful guest, the same inspiration GG brings me. Get the week started off right!

Happy New Year!

– see my week-after retrospective here – 

Shea E Snider Wonder Five Things 1.4.15

#1: Get Crafty!

Shea E Snider Five Things Fireplace Bookshelf The first thing I want to do in my new apartment in this new year is to clean up the mess that I’ve been left having no bookshelf! In combo with that problem, I have been missing the fireplace I had in my apartment last year (who doesn’t love the look of a classic fireplace?). As crazy as it is, the solution I want to TRY is to build a fake fireplace and keep my books inside it like these Brit + Co. ideas, OR build a fireplace front as the shelves itself… (Woah!) I can’t wait to share my final product with you all once I figure out how to build it!

#2: Intentional Thoughts

Shea E Snider Five Things Intention Jess Lively

To get my mind right for 2015, I want to start intentionally taking time to make intentional decisions. I have been following this amazing blogger & podcast-er, Jess Lively, for a year or so now, but haven’t been giving her words attention. >> time to start<<  She gets started with a straight source guide that I would recommend to ANYONE. Jess writes & speaks with clarity, patience, and courage.  Plus, Jess just moved to Austin, and now I love her even more for that. (I’ve said intention too much, haven’t I? If you knew Jess, you wouldn’t think so!)

#3: Intentional Planning & Reflection

Shea E Snider Five Things Journal

Continuing with the intentional lifestyle changes… planning and reflection need to make a comeback in my life. I have found two brilliant methods of sorting my mind out: The Five Minute Journal (with an app!), and Thyme is Honey’s Daily Page notebooks (via her Etsy – 10% off with the code HONEY!). I hope to combine these two bits of perfection into a form that best works for me – and I can’t wait to: 1) get it together, and 2) share it with you!

#4: Get You Some Learnin’

Shea E Snider Five Things Brain Pickings

One of my favorite websites, Brain Pickings, published their top articles of 2014 – and I have promised myself that I would read them all! My favorites are “Famous Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary”, and “E.B. White’s Beautiful Letter to a Man Who Had Lost Faith in Humanity”.

#5: Comfort Food

Shea E Snider Five Things MacNCheese

The colder weather just makes me want to take a headfirst dive into all the things that inevitably make me feel awful after a few short minutes of gustatory bliss. However. “Lauren’s Latest” brought me this amazing Stovetop Butternut Macaroni and Cheese that I can’t wait to make (in my new kitchen!) I’ll tell you how it goes… gulp.

Do you think you’ll try any of these along with me? Let me know if you do!

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With love,


PS Check out how I did! You might be surprised…  Retrospective 1


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