Five Things

Welcome to my third Five Things post, where I talk about my goals for the week(ish+) ahead, and hope to get some guidance and give some inspiration to you. Plus, check out what happened from post last month, and get your week started off right! Wonder//The Blog Five Things Feb 18 2015

1. Me & Sugar-Free ?

Sugar-free seems to be the hot new thing that is also the oldest thing in the book… and I wonder why we haven’t all noticed it yet. Health as a whole knows that sweets & treats are no bueno for the bod, yet, we (I) keep eating them and commit to just dealing with it (go to the gym, eat healthy the next day, don’t cry into our pillow about it at night…). However, there has been a big movement to just not eat it. With everything else that I’ve “given up” for health (red meat, poultry, dairy, gluten…), I’m surprised this hasn’t occurred to me yet. But… I love sugar. So, why should I not?

Reading up with a great chef I’ve long-admired, Sarah Wilson, founder of I Quit Sugar, I’ve learned some things, in addition to a few more things that I felt were the most important to me immediately:

  • Sugar ages the body and causes wrinkles: Sugar reacts with proteins in the body, leading to a range of health problems while accelerating the ageing process. Read two crucial studies here and here, and an interesting article here.
  • High fat diets may prevent or slow cancer growth: A study on mice conducted by the Department of Biology, Boston College, USA shows a high-fat, low-carb diet is effective in reducing brain tumour growth. Time magazine ran a good overview of the findings here.
  • Additionally, sugar has been linked to pancreatic and other kinds of cancer, heart disease, and of course, obesity and diabetes.

Once deciding that it would probably be better if I could avoid the stuff, I have really enjoyed looking up sugar-free recipes, and trying them out! Although most of the things I eat each day are sugar-free, the things that are harder to pull-off (chocolates, desserts, pastries…) are still possible! Meet Chocolate-Covered Katie, and her amazing >> sugar-free archives <<

I think the first thing I am going to make are these fatcakes, in honor of Marti Gras!

Chocolate Covered Katie Fatcakes

2. Money Vs. Time = Life

As I’ve been working through this time in my life, I’ve been looking for ways to hu$tle on the side. Bring to front and center: AirBnB, a company that lets you rent out your own living space like a hotel – courtesy of my bifffff Analisa (P.S. her IG/blog is actually gold). Wonder//The Blog
~ versions of my insane dream home, via Pinterest ~

This week I will be finishing listing my own “little apt” (really, read this blog) profile, and having it available to rent! AKA supplement my own rent. #po$tgradlife

I can’t wait to show off all the design projects I’ve been working on in my studio! I have so many tips+DIY to share soon! In the meantime, check out all my pinteresty ideas.

Interested in listing your own AirBnN? Check it out here.

3. WANT + me + you

I’ve been a long-time (hard-core) fan of The Chalkboard Magazine, and especially their health editor Katie Horwitz… little did I know, Katie has been up to some BIG moves! With no more waiting around, I am proud to introduce to you: WANT.

“Women Against Negative Talk, or WANT, aims to give women tools, resources, motivation, and inspiration to crush their negative talk patterns and move forward into an empowered, self-actualized life that’s all their own. WANT redefines what it means to want your body, your work, your love, your community – what it means to want your self.” – Katie Horowitz, WANT

The first thing that made me realize I was falling in love love with WANT was finding the WANT article, “Finding your Through Line” here.

What is the common theme in everything you love? What is a common goal in everything you do?

It starts off:  “Notice the little things that fulfill you. Not necessarily the tasks themselves, but the meaning behind those tasks. Not so much the superficial What, but the hidden Why.” 

WANT feel-your-purpose

Katie goes on asking us to make a list of the things that we love to do or experience. EVERYTHING possible goes on this list! Next, look for common themes deep, deep beneath the surface of these actions. What motivates you? What brings you joy?

She even shares her own example of this exercise to help us newbies along.

Bottom line, I love Katie Horowitz and will be spending a lot more time with her + WANT this week! What about you?

4. Home Improvement Everlasting

There is the cutest DIY website, Dimples and Tangles, that I’ve been pursuing lately. My favorite find so far has been this amazing ottoman redo, and I can’t wait to get my own hands into something like this! I plan to put them around my own “fireplace‘!

SheaESnider Wonder//TheBlog Dimples and Tangles Ottoman Project


I’ll post my work on my retrospective as it comes, as well as my crafty DIYs section.

5. Listen til’ I Learn

Lately, I’ve been investing in upgrading my life Spotify account, and have since been going playlist crazy! However, the one I keep coming back to over and over is my “French Cafe” playlist (featured below and always a work in progress), highlighting the genius of sultry Madeleine Peyroux, Chantal Chamberland, and Emilie-Claire Barlow, to name-drop a few.

Maybe if I listen to this enough, I’ll just become Parisian.

Do you think you’ll try any of these along with me? Let me know if you do!

@sheaesnider IG // @sheaesnider Twitter #wonder5things




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