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Welcome to my first Top Shelf post! Top Shelf is a collection of my favorite things from my world each week. They could be articles, DIY projects, recipes, design ideas, or quotes. And maybe your new favorites!

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 Productivity Tips // Geode Soap // Earrings // Whiskey Poster // Blog Planner (download sample for free!) // Stationary Subscription!

Productivity Tips from one of my favorite creative blogs, ABeautifulMess! You have to go check out their awesome DIYs! The top two of these productivity tips that got me thinking the most was #5. Get as much done as early in the day as you can, and #10. Make goal setting a habit. I have been trying really hard to stick to using the Five Minute Journal, which sets my mind right to get things done during the day that really matter.

This Geode Soap is made by RockHound via Etsy immediately stuck me as the a super cool, unique present for a girlfriend or a guy! And at an amazing price.

I’ve been working on setting up a home bar out of this beautiful cutout cabinet in my new apartment, and feel like it’s just not quite settled in yet. And then I found this. !!! Rugged danger, sketchy decisions, and insistent drinkin’. What else could a tame, responsible home bar need? Maybe just more whiskey, according to this poster.

Classy in the front and back, need I say buy more? These earrings.

XOSarah is one of the most solid blogs for bloggers that I’ve found. She has great tips, and every email she sends out is actually helpful. For starters, she wrote this great planner, and you can get this sample as PDF! As soon as I have any plan to start planning out for this blog, I’m going to buy it! In the mean time, check out more of her articles, like 10 Things That Make A Big Difference In Your Blog Design.

Last but not least BEST, meet HappyMail from, again, ABeautifulMess. HAPPY MAIL! Guys, it’s so happy, and for $15/mo RIGHT TO MY HOUSE, I don’t know how it could be any happier! While I keep trying to justify spending an extra $15 a month real fast, just soak in this amazing photo…dawwwww….

A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail

With love, 



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