Five Things

Welcome to my second Five Things post! I borrow this fun goal-sharing idea from the forever fabulous Glitter Guide, and I hope it bring you, beautiful guest, the same inspiration GG brings me. Check out my post from last week, and get your week started off right!

Five Things 2 // Wonder SheaESnider

#1. Get Dressed

So, have you heard of this new thing they are calling a capsule wardrobe? I found out about it this week via Caroline of her minimalist blog, un-fancy… and I think I love it.

What is it? “It’s a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally LOVE to wear.” …To-good-to-be-true, I KNOW. But she knows my whole life …I started wondering why I was keeping a closet stuffed with mediocre clothes I didn’t love/wear. And I also started wondering why I kept spending money on mediocre clothes I didn’t wear because they didn’t fit/look right.  Not buying it? Check this out: her capsule wardrobe example =  kick-ass & instantly makes me feel underdressed and overcomplicated/inspired. There is even clear how-to-‘er right here. I guess what I’m really asking is, Shea, can you please dress like you’re an Olsen every day?

capsule closet // wonder

#2. Get it together

…because “Being productive is pointless if you’ve working on the wrong thing.”

I discovered this thing called MyWeekPlan. It’s a website and it’s an app, and it could rule my entire life (in a good way). And I think it’s the answer to my problem of last week, even though I started the Five Minute Journal. It’s different from my usual iPhone-standard to-do list + calendar combo (third picture from left below) because it associates tasks with days in calendar form, while also being a checkable checklist (I love that “check – done!” feeling)(fourth picture). It also easily lets me see and move around my tasks (third picture), while also –fav feature– letting me store tasks without putting them down for a specific day (second picture).


 Goal: Make to-do lists (see the first thing in my last Top Shelf article for why I want to this!)

 #3. Listen Up

Continuing my listening theme from last week, this week one of my five things to do is to check outThyme and Honey’s, a media management company, favorite podcasts list. Already a huge Jess Lively fan, I totally trust their choices! I think I am the most excited about seeing hearing what “Stuff You Should Know” is about!  Their run-down say its, “30-minutes podcasts that seek to explain things like x-rays, homeschooling, boomerangs, the ecosystem and other topics ranging from humorous to complex.” HELL YEAH.


Also, you’ve go to check out their etsy for the way they’ve set up their week planner notepad! (Why am I so obsessed with organization??)

 #4. Design a new DIY

I’ve recently been falling in love with the website of Amber Interior Design… for a really good overview of her design principles, you have to check out her article, 2014 In Review. She has the skills to put together the most amazing ethic pattern playdates, and uses graphic lines and B+W to bring it all together so it look chic.A.F. Her shopping lists and blogroll are ELECTRIFYING! My brain is absolutely bubbling with about a million DIY projects, and hopefully I’ll do a few to share soon! In the meantime, check out my fireplace/bookshelf from last week!

Amber Interior Design

To make your (my) mind really explode with design excitement, check out her latest article, “5 Trends I Ain’t Mad At in 2015!

#5. Get Cookin’ Eating!

This week is the time that I finally try Against All Grain’s bread recipe. Wait, bread without grains? Yes, and without dairy too. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I don’t know, but I will go buy coconut flour and casher butter STAT to find out. I try to cut down on the grains I eat in order to up the amount of nutrient- and protein- rich anything-but-carbs I eat (oh, and I’m pescetarian, just to make that easy for you). To help with that came along the inspirational and creative Danielle Walker! She has some fantastic recipes online that are wholesome, healthy, and HELLO delicious! I think the first two new recipes I am to make are this creamy pesto pasta (zucchini-based) and this warm saffron rice (cauliflower-based)! Thank god all the warm winter comfort foods I want don’t have to make me fat.

Against All Grain Bread

Do you think you’ll try any of these along with me? Let me know if you do!

@sheaesnider IG // @sheaesnider Twitter #wonder5things

With love,



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