Five Things: Retrospective 1

Welcome to my first Five Things retrospective. I have had so much fun fulfilling these five ideas this week, that I just have to share! With a clear idea of things I wanted to do, my week became so pleasantly LONG!

Starting off, I didn’t plan on writing a new post about the progress of my emboldened to-do list, but now that I have, I hope it inspires and motivates you to get started on your own fun ideas.

Five Things Retrospective 1 // wonder //

#1. Get Crafty 

The faux fireplace/bookshelf idea really got started off early this week! It was WONDERFUL to start seeing this idea become tangible. I mismeasured + cut the middle board in this picture (clearly, hi pi), but after that hitch and with the addition of a little more pizzaz, I can say I have never been more ecstatic about one of my crazy build-it-yourself ideas!

Fireplace Bookshelf Progress // wonder the blog //

AND I learned that I have my own paint color, which is a dream I never knew I had until it was fulfilled today. Although I don’t know how I  feel about the color itself… what do you think?

 << Finished picture coming soon! >>

#2. Intentional Thoughts 

Jess Lively’s site has been my new mecca for the week. I have loved listening, instead of reading as usual. She has podcasts on iTunes that are so easy to subscribe to, and she just published a curated list of her podcasts for specific purposes (amazing!). Getting on the site this morning, I realized that something BIG is here for the new year! She wrote a new “New Years Resolutions” post (podcast 28m) SO full of new ideas and words and processes that my brain has been bubbling all over the past few days.

Also, this older podcast (20m) in particular – about ego vs. intuition and how to listen to yourself (why is this so hard?) – has been on repeat. Do you know anyone who could benefit listening to this with whom you could share? (Hint: anyone.)

Thought of the week:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
–  Albert Einstein

Jess Lively

If this link is still available when you’re reading this, I hope you sign up for her free 2015 miniseries (I did). Today I watched her first video about how our Values should be supported by our goals, not the other way around. Jess notices that reaching goals will not allow us to be truly happy, it just sets us running a mouse-maze to the next check-box. “Value-based intentions” mean we are embodying our deepest values in a particular area of our lives. These intentions are not goals, instead they are: present-moment focused, positive, peaceful-feeling, flexible (not metric-focused), fulfilling to YOU (not for anyone else), and enduring over time.

Update: The videos are no longer available, so read my reflection here.

#3: Intentional Planning & Reflection

Five Minute Journal App //

My goal here was to sort out my day-to-day with intentionally planning for productive & happy days, and doing so by reflection on what a successful day means to me. The second part of that goal has been powerfully influenced by the Five Minute Journal app (for $5 Apple app store – worth every dollar to me)! I highly recommend the practice, if the app itself is not for you. Although I have to say, I love the app’s reminder function – that’s the kind of help I need 😉

Thought of the week:

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,”
– Annie Dillard (tweet that)

Update: I haven’t gotten to work to my planning section of this goal (inspired by this), but when my goals are sorted out in my mind, I’m finding it easier to stick to my basics. More to come.

#4: Get You Some Learnin’

My #4 goal was to read the top articles of 2014 published by one of my favorite websites, Brain Pickings. Despite my predictions, the very first article was the one that hit me closest to heart. An Antidote to the Age of Anxiety: Alan Watts on  Happiness and how to live with Presence.  Watts writes that what usually keeps us from happiness is our inability as humans to “fully inhabit the present”. Happiness isn’t improving the present, or even realizing it, but becoming part of it. And y’all, I can’t summarize this without ruining it:

Shea E Snider Five Things Brain Pickings

“In each present experience you were only aware of that experience. You were never aware of being aware. You were never able to separate the thinker from the thought, the knower from the known. All you ever found was a new thought, a new experience.”
– Alan Watts

Thought of the week: My new goal, as Brain Pickings author Maria Popova wrote for her New Years resolution, is to “stop measuring my days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.” (tweet that) #wonder5things

#5: Comfort Food 

Quinoa Salad // sheaesnider.comAlthough I said I was going to make this recipe, I ended up becoming obsessed with THIS fresh, healthy quinoa salad recipe. This photo is my own bowl from the first time I made inhaled it Monday! I never regret eating a healthy meal over another << I need to remember this.  I know this will become a quick classic in my fridge! Do you have any recipe suggestions for me?

Do you think you’ll try any of these along with me? Let me know if you do!

@sheaesnider IG // @sheaesnider Twitter #wonder5things

With love,



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